Branding and Packaging Design — Lea & Bay

Lea & Bay
Brand identity, illustration, packaging
Lea & Bay is a modern eco-friendly candle brand, who needed a new, fresh brand identity and packaging design. Their small batch soy candles are hand poured in the UK and are made from responsibly sourced soy wax, 100% pure essential oils and organic cotton wicks. These pure, natural characteristics of their products had to be reflected in the brand identity and the biggest challenge was to find a modern, minimalist way to interpret one of the product descriptions into a visual language: “soothing with soft, spicy and musky notes, like a lovely, warm, comforting cuddle”. This was achieved by creating an elegant and delicate design using a minimalist colour palette paired with custom hand-painted illustrations to reflect the natural, pure qualities of the brand in a modern, classy way. Packaging designs emphasise sustainable qualities of the products and are delicate and refined. The same elegant, natural vibe goes through the personalised thank you card and the design of the mailing box for a memorable unboxing experience. All elements come together to make this brand the perfect match for a modern eco-friendly home—a sustainable way to add a bit of charm to your life.