Branding and Packaging Design — Rock & Roses

Rock & Roses
Brand identity, packaging
Rock & Roses is a brand born out of passion about beauty, health and wellness and fascination with the power of nature. Inspired by the strength and fragility of nature, Rock & Roses aim to harness the power of minerals from earth and botanical ingredients to deliver innovative beauty, health and wellness products, that will appeal to both female and male clientele.  It’s all about creating innovative, exciting products that have integrity, that work and that fulfil customers’ wants and needs. For Rock & Roses, beauty aspect of the products is as important as the health aspect. The goal was to create attractive, beautiful, cool looking products that the customers would be proud to use and share, just like the ones made by their favourite cosmetic brand. 
While designing the packaging, I wanted to keep things simple, but at the same time show the creative side of the brand and echo its natural roots. What I created is a paint splatter pattern featuring some natural colours from the brand colour palette with an addition of copper foil details. The patterns provide a creative detail and at the same time give a feeling of a natural texture.
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