About the 2-week Shopify Website

This package is a good fit if you’d like help from a designer to build the essential structure of your Shopify website and ensure that it’s cohesive with your brand identity. In just 2 weeks, I’ll set up your Shopify website and implement your brand style, your text copy and assets. I’ll be here to make sure that your website is ready for you to start sharing your message.

INVESTMENT: $4,000 USD / €4,000 EUR / £3,500 GBP

Karolina Król Studio Shopify design and development

This package can be a good fit for you if:

You don’t need any help with text copy editing but want to be sure that your website looks professional and is cohesive with your brand identity.

You’d like to put your trust in a designer to create the basic structure and install your website straight in Shopify. No design mockups = quicker turnaround.

You’re looking for help to get started with your website, and then you plan to continue building it on your own.

2-week Shopify Website

Here’s what’s included:

1:1 Website Discovery Call

In a preliminary Zoom call we'll discuss your goals, ideas and inspirations for the website. We’ll also talk about your brand identity, colour palette, fonts, text copy, and any other content you’ll provide.

Shopify website set-up and development

After our discussion, I’ll set up your website and start building the homepage, product pages, and all other pages straight in Shopify. I will make sure that the website reflects your message, is consistent with your brand identity and includes the content provided by you.

1 round of refinements

Once you’ve reviewed the website design, you’ll have a chance to share your feedback. We’ll discuss the best ways how your website can achieve the goals that were set at the beginning, and then I’ll implement refinements to make sure that these goals are met.

Shopify admin guidebook

After finalising the refinement, you will receive a comprehensive presentation with useful tips and links that will help you to make your first steps in Shopify, so that you’re confident to move forward with further website development and management on your own.

What my clients think about working with me

"I absolutely enjoyed working with Karolina. She was professional in every aspect of the project. Every step she took was researched and approached as a professional. I felt my design was in very safe hands. She was very easy to work with, her designs were amazing and so creative. I have worked with a number of designers over the years and to be honest I was never really impressed with the work that they did and felt that it was all left up to me. With Karolina it was a the total opposite. She knew her place, knew what she was doing and she guided me along. She was my total understanding of what a designer should be and I was very impressed. She was always on time with each of the design processes and in some cases even earlier. She was very easy to communicate and work with. After working with her I would not go anywhere else for future work. Very, very, very satisfied."



Start your e-commerce journey confidently

Make sure your new website connects with your customers through brand identity and values. Start sharing your message and turn visits into sales.