Hi there!

I'm Karolina Król, a brand and packaging designer specialised in design for eco-friendly brands.



My design story —

An expertly crafted, well thought-out brand can speak volumes.

First impressions last, and you only get one chance at making a good first impact. From the moment your branding is seen, logo, colour palette, packaging design and overall aesthetics all combine to show the viewer what your brand stands for.

Does your design identify your brand, while simultaneously showing what’s important to you?

I create unique visuals over multiple mediums for brands that are committed to their values⁠—one of these being the environment. Working with natural, modern and minimalist design elements, my creations are refined and handcrafted to ensure your brand has a natural look and feel that resonates with your environmental values. I also work with a variety of mediums, such as photography and digital illustration, to bring my client’s visions to life.

I use design to tell a story and to create a memorable brand experience.

Before working exclusively in the design world, I studied business, psychology as well as design. I spent over 10 years marketing products in companies such as Unilever, Avon, and Nestlé. It’s where I learned the intricacies between design and a target audience and how essential they are in generating a buzz, building a rapport and ultimately, growing a business.

From the very beginning of my career in corporate life, I found myself drawn to storytelling through art and design. This gave rise to the creation of my own design studio and it all fell into place when I realised that I could combine my fascination for business strategies, marketing and design with another rising passion—sustainability.

Sustainability in design is my passion.

What I love most about what I do, is helping present the world with brands that care for the environment. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings to help create the face of a brand that has the longevity of the planet as the ‘why’ of what they do. I do this by working with sustainable packaging and eco-friendly materials while working the concept of ‘reduce, reuse & recycle’ into a design system.

Working with brands who are at any stage⁠—new, established or expanding⁠—​​​​​​​I create visual designs to present your brand and its sustainability values to the world. I am dedicated to supporting your business growth through designs that will attract and delight your audience and make them crave your products and remember your brand well into the future.

Ready for branding that’ll show off your values and resonate with your buyers? Reach out to HELLO@KAROLINAKROL.COM or BOOK A CONSULTATION to chat with me about how I can support your next project today.