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The Boldly Basic brand development project started from creating a brand identity that had to feel minimalist, clean and modern – bold in its simplicity.

The brand identity design focuses on a minimalist, modern sans-serif font, to reflect the clean and simple approach to brand’s choice of ingredients and formulas. The use of the font is bold and eye-catching, and the use of only lowercase ensures great visibility and readability of the brand’s message on the labels. The full stop added at the end of the logo adds a sense of seriousness and conviction, and carried over to other elements of the label ties everything together in a simple, minimalist, thoughtful look. The packaging is kept in a minimalist palette of black and white, while the overall brand’s colour palette includes also additional neutral tones of gray and light beige to reflect the simplicity of the ingredients in a natural way.

As one of the main objectives of the project was to create a design that the customers can proudly display in their bathroom, this design aims to achieve that by playing with asymmetrical layouts and white space—the blank space around the elements of the design—that provides a modern, airy, high-quality look. The most important element of this brand identity concept is its sense of simplicity in the bold brand voice that takes center stage on the labels. The straight language inspired by the unapologetic characteristic of the brand shows its confidence, conviction and strong values.


"I was blown away"

"Karolina is more than just a great designer, she is a true strategic partner. She understood my brand at its core. She hit the brief perfectly in all the right places and challenged me to go further in places where I needed to push. I was blown away by the simple beauty she brought to my designs and how my brand came to life in a matter of weeks because of her vision. It also needs to be said that in the design world she is a unicorn for how she runs her business. While many times an artist can be a bit less buttoned-up in the logistics part of the project, Karolina was one of the most organized partners I've ever worked with on a project. She hit all her timelines, delivered polished work in every round, and used banking and file-sharing systems that made me feel like we were partnering together in the same office and not halfway across the world (which was our actual reality). In summation, leave your brands in her hand. She will nurture it to its fullest potential."

Founder & CEO (Chicago, IL, United States)


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