I design brands that aim to simultaneously revolutionise and normalise.

If you want to make caring for the planet commonplace, you’ll need a visual identity that doesn’t only reflect who you are but also uses your aesthetics to evoke emotions and resonate with your environmentally-conscious customer. Through design, I’ll help you connect with your audience and open a new world of opportunities for your brand.

Karolina Król Studio Hills & Waves elegant brand identity for a sustainable skincare brand

I work with

The founder that's ready to see their idea come to life.

You’ve got the passion and ideas, and now you need a well-designed brand experience that builds trust in your products, reflects your values and stands out.

The business owner who's in search of a better fit.

You’ve tried other ways but didn’t get the expected results. You are looking for an experienced, well-organised designer who always delivers and whom you can trust.

The established brand planning something new.

Whether you need a brand refresh or packaging designs for a new product line, you’re looking for an expert's touch to make your visuals match your values.


Full Service Design Packages

Fully comprehensive, strategically-based, and value-driven design services to support your business goals.



Building a business that holds caring for the planet close to heart is not easy. However, that’s one of your brand’s core values. Achieving this goal is incredibly dependent on using your aesthetics to evoke emotions and resonate with your customer.

When you book a branding project with me, you won’t just receive a new sleek logo. I’ll use my 10+ years of experience in business, strategy and marketing to build an end-to-end branding experience to help your brand convey its message both online and in the real world.

Custom-illustrated packaging


You need custom-designed packaging that informs, delights, and sells your product while being gentle on the planet. I specialise in product packaging that feels natural while demanding attention.

When we work together, I’ll design alluring packaging that aligns with your brand vision and catches your target audience’s eyes through clean, professional layouts. If it matches the creative vision of your brand, I can also create and incorporate custom hand-drawn illustrations so that your packaging tells a story and builds more meaning to your customers. All to ensure that your products stand out on the shelf and in the virtual world.

Shopify Design & Development


With a beautiful e-commerce website your brand can convey the right message to your target audience. However, its functionality and the best user experience that count the most when it comes to converting visits into sales. I can help you make sure that your website achieves both of those goals.

When you book a website project with me, I’ll work with you on all aspects of your website, including text copy editing, sitemap structure development, design concept creation, installation and mobile optimisation. I can also help you with making decisions about photography so that your website reflects your brand style perfectly. Everything your business needs to take flight.

Karolina Król Studio brand packaging design process

Design Intensives

Although I love working with my clients on comprehensive full-service projects, I understand that sometimes you might need something on a smaller scale. When you book one of my intensive-style services you will work with me on a smaller project with a shorter timeline, giving you the essentials you need to get started.

2-week Brand Strategy Roadmap

INVESTMENT: $1,500 USD / €1,500 EUR / £1,200 GBP

This package is a great solution if you’re currently not very confident about the strategic direction for your brand but want to make sure that you build your business on a strong foundation. During the 2 weeks that we work together, you’ll gain clarity on your brand’s mission, vision, target customers, and the ways you can connect with them, and stand out. I’ll help you make sure that you’re confident to take the next steps in your brand development process.


2-week Branding Essentials Package

INVESTMENT: $3,000 USD / €3,000 EUR / £2,500 GBP

This package is a good fit for you if you’re very clear on your vision and are looking for a creative direction that will suit your brand’s goals. In just 2 weeks, you’ll receive the essential brand identity elements that will help you to reflect your brand’s values and connect with your audience. I’m here to help you put a face to your brand’s name and reflect its story.


2-week Shopify Website

INVESTMENT: $4,000 USD / €4,000 EUR / £3,500 GBP

This package is a good fit if you’d like the help from a designer to build the essential structure of your Shopify website and make sure that it’s cohesive with your brand identity. In just 2 weeks, I’ll set up your Shopify website, implement your brand style, your text copy and assets. I’ll be here to make sure that your website is ready for you to start sharing your message.

Karolina Król Studio design process brand packaging designer

Want to feel like this about your design project?

"It is difficult to even know where to start describing the exceptional work that was accomplished for me. Working with Karolina on my project was nothing short of amazing to say the least. Not only did she work with me from the beginning branding stages of my company all the way through to the launch, but was also consistently giving exceptional advice when I asked for it and needed it. I would also like to add that my specific project went on for a very long time which was not the norm, and she was there every step of the way without hesitation or any sense of irritability whatsoever. Her professionalism and approach to the entire project was of the highest caliber that I have ever encountered, and the finished product showed this. I will continue working with Karolina throughout the future of my business, and there is absolutely no one that I can ever recommend higher to work with."



Bring Your Brand To Life

If you’re ready to grab your audience’s attention with strategic branding that matches your values, reach out and let me know how I can support you and your business today.