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"I’m so happy to work with her again and again"

"Working with Karolina has been a joy. She made everything so clear and easy. There is a clear organised path to allow you to reach your goal. She was so patient with us. I was presented with two very cool options for the creative direction. She had taken all the details into consideration with a very thorough pre-design stage and is incredibly talented in the design part. I love the final result. Her minimalistic approach to design is exactly what we wanted. Karolina will suggest different options and also question decisions to make sure you have exactly what you want. I’m so happy to work with her again and again. Thank you so much."

Phoebe, Founder (London, United Kingdom)

"I was blown away"

"Karolina is more than just a great designer, she is a true strategic partner. She understood my brand at its core. She hit the brief perfectly in all the right places and challenged me to go further in places where I needed to push. I was blown away by the simple beauty she brought to my designs and how my brand came to life in a matter of weeks because of her vision. It also needs to be said that in the design world she is a unicorn for how she runs her business. While many times an artist can be a bit less buttoned-up in the logistics part of the project, Karolina was one of the most organized partners I've ever worked with on a project. She hit all her timelines, delivered polished work in every round, and used banking and file-sharing systems that made me feel like we were partnering together in the same office and not halfway across the world (which was our actual reality). In summation, leave your brands in her hand. She will nurture it to its fullest potential."

Founder & CEO (Chicago, IL, United States)

"I felt my design was in very safe hands"

"I absolutely enjoyed working with Karolina. She was professional in every aspect of the project. Every step she took was researched and approached as a professional. I felt my design was in very safe hands. She was very easy to work with, her designs were amazing and so creative. I have worked with a number of designers over the years and to be honest I was never really impressed with the work that they did and felt that it was all left up to me. With Karolina it was the total opposite. She knew her place, knew what she was doing and she guided me along. She was my total understanding of what a designer should be and I was very impressed. She was always on time with each of the design processes and in some cases even earlier. She was very easy to communicate and work with. After working with her I would not go anywhere else for future work. Very, very, very satisfied."

Sonya, Owner (Healesville, Australia)

"Extremely professional, well structured and just a pleasure to work with"

"Karolina helped us to create a brand strategy and packaging design for our craft beer brand. Throughout the process she has been extremely professional, well structured and just a pleasure to work with. First and foremost we loved her holistic approach to our brand and design needs. It never felt that she was just a designer we hired to come up with a label design. Her industry background allowed her to support us in the definition of our brand strategy, our target persona, and our overall communication strategy. She always delivered on the agreed upon deadlines and incorporated our inputs and refinements to our full satisfaction. We could not be happier with the final results and we are looking forward to work with her in the future!"

Florian & Johannes, Co-founders (München/Köln, Germany)

"The perfect reflection of our vision"

"Our cooperation with Karolina was a true pleasure at every stage of the project. She stands out not only thanks to her impressive professionalism, but also due to her incredible ability of listening and understanding of her clients' needs. During the entire process of our cooperation, her openness to our needs and requirements allowed to create solutions that were the perfect reflection of our vision. Everyone who decides to work with Karolina can be sure that their project will be executed to the highest level. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Karolina and I hope to continue working together on future projects."

Dr Aleksandra Rymsza, Founder (Olsztyn, Poland)

"Working with Karolina has been fruitful and rewarding"

"I had a vision and a dream about having an own natural cosmetics brand and business one day. Moving to Finland and living and breathing the clean nature with its endless sources of mother nature's raw materials strengthened this vision and desire to move from dream to action took place. The idea was to have a natural cosmetic brand — minimalistic but in the premium category. Having this in mind I started my search for the right partner and found Karolina's Studio.

The one year journey of cooperation started and resulted in a brand and concept that was fulfilling my dreams being at the same time realistic and concrete.

Working with Karolina has been fruitful and rewarding. She was able to put herself in my shoes, guiding and sparring me to paint the picture I had in my mind and firmly mentoring and presenting her professional view and ideas when needed."

Katarzyna, Founder (Kuopio, Finland)

"Truly the best investment we've made"

"Karolina is an absolute delight to work with! She has developed the design for our crafting boxes and made the whole process so effortless and enjoyable. We simply shared our vision, and Karolina worked her magic to deliver exactly what we wanted. It's incredible how much time and effort she saved us with her expertise—truly the best investment we've made! We feel lucky to have collaborated with Karolina and are already looking forward to working with her on future projects. She's a rockstar!"

Anastasia & Boris, Founders (Jerusalem, Israel)

"Combination of skills that are incredible assets for any company"

"We absolutely love Karolina. She's like our branding genie, bringing to life everything we could have wished for our branding package. With her marketing/business background and her artistic eye, she has a combination of skills that are incredible assets for any company. Throughout our entire design process, we felt so comfortable and confident with her personality and abilities. We are so grateful for all that Karolina has done for our new business and can't wait to have her design more for us to expand our branding in the future! We're thrilled with our branding."​​​​​​​

Lisa & Ellie, Co-founders (Sarasota, FL, United States)

karolina krol studio pure story dermatological skincare simple brand identity minimalist packaging design

"Nothing short of exceptional"

"Working closely with Karolina Król on the rebranding project for my client Pure Story by Medical Doctors was an absolute pleasure and a game-changer for the brand identity. Karolina’s creative prowess and keen eye for design breathed new life into our visual narrative. Her ability to blend modernity with clarity and minimalism was nothing short of exceptional.

Karolina's collaborative approach made the entire process seamless. She demonstrated a remarkable capacity to translate ideas into captivating visuals. Moreover, as the owner of a consulting agency, collaborating with such an impeccably organized and efficient designer like Karolina was not just rewarding but also a testament to the seamless synergy of our professional partnership."

Magda, Project Manager for Pure Story (Warsaw, Poland)

"Karolina really brought to life exactly what my vision was. I cried I was so happy."

"I found Karolina’s work while browsing for graphic designers for my new dog treat brand. I immediately recognized that her style aligned with mine as well as my branding, which was useful because being a great designer doesn’t mean the right fit. I’m very particular but I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to explain in words exactly what I wanted. Karolina really brought to life exactly what my vision was. I cried I was so happy. I couldn’t have asked for a better packaging design. She is very organized and efficient with her work as well. I look forward to working with her solely for all future packaging variations in the line. I would highly recommend her for all design needs. "​​​​​​​

Kristen, Founder (New York, United States)

"Working with Karolina made all the difference"

"Karolina is the most outstanding designer! Before I began working with Karolina I felt somewhat overwhelmed and lost in my branding ideas and visions. I couldn't think of a way to put everything together, but working with Karolina made all the difference. She is truly an artist, yet still a graphic designer and highly skilled in the merging of these. If you choose to work with Karolina you will not be disappointed. I am so glad that I found Karolina, without her my brand would not be what it is now!"

Laura, Founder (Indian Head Park, IL, United States)

Karolina Król Studio custom-illustrated minimalist food label design

"Truly a top-notch designer"

"Thoughtful, minimalist designs that catch your eye and demand your attention. Work that will stand the test of time. Truly a top-notch designer."​​​​​​​

Milan, Founder (Fairfield, CT, United States)

Karolina Król Studio healthy granola eco-friendly packaging design

"Incredibly organized, detail-oriented and communicates so well"

"Karolina has been amazing for our small company. She is incredibly organized, detail-oriented and communicates so well! Her work for us has been outstanding, 10 out of 10. We will most definitely team up with her again in the future."

Josef, Founder (Akranes, Iceland)

"True professional from start to finish"

"Karolina was an absolute pleasure to work with, a true professional from start to finish. We are delighted with the design of our packaging that Karolina nurtured from the early concepts through multiple iterations to deliver the final design. Karolina not only fulfilled our original brief but took upon herself to come up with additional ideas for custom designed wrapping paper, a thank you card and sticker which have really elevated the overall perception of our product. We look forward to working with Karolina on future projects."​​​​​​​

Fraser & Trinh, Co-founders (United Kingdom/Vietnam/Portugal)

"Her attention to detail and high level of organisation makes working with her effortless and efficient"

"As a UK-based company we have spent a lot on branding services offered here in the UK. Not a single deliverable or design was even worth considering let alone using in our branding. Karolina has been the only designer that has been spot-on with her design. If you are looking for a wonderfully elegant, clean and outstanding design, Karolina will come up with something you love! Working with Karolina has been a wonderful experience. She is a very professional service provider as well as a designer. Her attention to detail and most importantly her very high level of organisation makes working with her effortless and efficient. I look forward to working with Karolina in our future projects."​​​​​​​

Alexandre, CEO (London, United Kingdom)

"Of the highest caliber that I have ever encountered"

"It is difficult to even know where to start describing the exceptional work that was accomplished for me. Working with Karolina on my project was nothing short of amazing to say the least. Not only did she work with me from the beginning branding stages of my company all the way through to the launch, but was also consistently giving exceptional advice when I asked for it and needed it. I would also like to add that my specific project went on for a very long time which was not the norm, and she was there every step of the way without hesitation or any sense of irritability whatsoever. Her professionalism and approach to the entire project was of the highest caliber that I have ever encountered, and the finished product showed this. I will continue working with Karolina throughout the future of my business, and there is absolutely no one that I can ever recommend higher to work with."

George, Founder (Atlanta, GA, United States)

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