Karolina Król Studio kids pace masks minimalist packaging design

Packaging Design — Cattywampus

Right at the beginning of the pandemic, one of my amazing regular clients, Cattywampus, asked me to create a packaging design for their face masks for young children and their parents. The design that we’ve created together is simple, clean and minimalist – front and back. The little window on the front of the packaging shows the colour of the mask inside. At the same time it creates a colourful cape and a superhero mask for the little Undercover Hero. This project has meant a lot to me and it can be summed up in this beautiful sentence that you can find on the back of the pouch:
“I know times are a little wibbly-wobbly and topsy turvy but I can do my part to make it a wee bit better.”

Visit their store: cattywampus.com.au

Karolina Król Studio minimalist packaging face mask for children
Karolina Król Studio creative packaging design face mask
Karolina Król Studio minimalist children face mask packaging design
Karolina Król Studio face masks creative design
Karolina Król Studio face mask minimalist packaging design
Karolina Król Studio natural minimalist face mask for children packaging design

"Karolina has a great understanding of branding and has the ability to really understand the client's needs and goals. "

"It's been such a pleasure working with Karolina Król Studio. Not only do they come up with amazing concepts and designs, they also really listen carefully to our brief and intent of the project. Karolina has a great understanding of branding and has the ability to really understand the client's needs and goals. They really think outside the box! As a result Karolina and her team deliver such beautiful and unique designs always exceeding our expectations. I couldn't recommend Karolina Król Studio enough as I look forward to working with her in many more projects in the future."​​​​​​​

Prash, Founder (Melbourne, Australia)


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