Karolina Król Studio minimalist cbd gummies branding packaging design

Brand & Packaging Design — Half Six

This cool and easy brand identity and packaging design project was developed for a modern CBD brand Half Six, who wanted to capture a fun, relaxed beach vibe in their product range of infused water, oils and gummies. The Half Six products were created to answer different needs that its user can have during the day, from the morning boost, through the afternoon lift to the evening chill, and the packaging designs reflect that. It’s achieved by the use beautiful photography expressing the mood of the particular part of the day that each product was created for, paired with a soft pastel colour palette and a cool, sleek touch of charcoal grey. Eco-friendly packaging choices add a notion of the environmental values that the brand stands for and that are appreciated by their audience, further enhancing the brand connection. It’s a fresh, modern take on a CBD brand identity that’s easy, relaxed and bold in its simplicity.

Karolina Król Studio cbd oils brand identity packaging droppers tubes design
Karolina Król Studio cbd gummies branding packaging pouch design
Karolina Król Studio minimalist cbd oils branding packaging design
Karolina Król Studio modern minimalist cbd brand design
Karolina Król Studio brand packaging labels design modern minimalist cbd

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