Karolina Król Studio beer bottle minimalist illustrated design

Brand & Packaging Design — Hiding Spot Brewery

Hiding Spot Brewery began as a conceptual design project at the Karolina Król Studio, aiming to develop a simple, calm, minimalist creative direction for a new craft beer brand. The goal was to avoid the busy, loud images used by most competitors in the industry and instead to attempt to catch the eye of a shopper by the use of minimalist forms, bold contrasts of a black and white colour scheme with a bold pop of colour, and smart, witty branding solutions.

This unique creative direction caught the eye of a cool craft beer duo from Cologne in Germany, who fell in love with the Hiding Spot Brewery concept and decided to bring it to life. The minimalist premise of the brand was ideally suited to the sustainable, environmentally-friendly vision that they had for the brand, and their combined experience in craft beer industry, product development and business, together with their passion for the high-quality, natural, eco-friendly and sustainable products was an ideal fit for the brand concept. After working out a strong brand strategy and refining the last details of the creative direction, the first batch of Hiding Spot Brewery craft beers hit the German market in early 2021.

Hiding Spot Brewery became a cool, young, fun, minimalist and environmentally-friendly craft beer brand that stands out in the extremely crowded and competitive market. This project encompassed creation of minimalist illustrations, label designs, as well as custom product names for a launch their new line of craft beers. The product name for each beer was developed as a humorous play on the Hiding Spot Brewery brand name, revolving around the idea of forest animals playing hide-and-seek. Each beer name is complemented by a matching minimalist illustration for an elevated experience. The minimalist but bold colour palette conveys a clean and simple concept with a fresh, cool flair. Fun and simple. A perfect match for a great glass of beer.

Karolina Król Studio Hiding Spot Brewery craft beer label
Karolina Król Studio minimalist branding beer can label design

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Karolina Król Studio Hiding Spot Brewery simple minimalist label design
Karolina Król Studio minimalist branding packaging design craft beer
Karolina Król Studio illustrated minimalist beer label brand design
Karolina Król Studio catalogue brochure booklet design
Karolina Król Studio minimalist label beer design
Karolina Król Studio craft beer sustainable beer illustrated label design

"Extremely professional, well structured and just a pleasure to work with"

"Karolina helped us to create a brand strategy and packaging design for our craft beer brand. Throughout the process she has been extremely professional, well structured and just a pleasure to work with. First and foremost we loved her holistic approach to our brand and design needs. It never felt that she was just a designer we hired to come up with a label design. Her industry background allowed her to support us in the definition of our brand strategy, our target persona, and our overall communication strategy. She always delivered on the agreed upon deadlines and incorporated our inputs and refinements to our full satisfaction. We could not be happier with the final results and we are looking forward to work with her in the future!"​​​​​​​

Florian & Johannes, Co-founders (Aachen, Germany)


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