Karolina Król Studio minimalist hand illustrated label design shampoo conditioner

Brand Identity & Packaging Design — Phalena Haircare

My cooperation with Phalena Haircare started from a small label design project and with time developed to encompass a wide range of projects, from brand strategy to custom shipping boxes, tissue paper patterns, and more. It’s always a pleasure to be invited back to work on new elements of a brand and to watch it grow and flourish.

Inspired by Portitia Phalena, a rare type of an exotic butterfly, Phalena Haircare aims to use the power of natural, sustainable, exotic ingredients to help transform your hair by creating delicate, yet effective and powerful haircare formulas without silicones, sulfates, artificial fragrances or any other harmful ingredients. And it’s exactly the natural, exotic ingredients that inspire the look and feel of the brand. Delicate, warm colour palette with minimalist hand-painted illustrations of the key ingredients tell a story of a feminine, whimsical brand that cares for your hair in a natural, sustainable way.

Karolina Król Studio natural vegan haircare brand identity packaging design
Karolina Król Studio sustainable haircare brand identity
Karolina Król Studio skin hair body care brand identity design
Karolina Król Studio minimalist cosmetics hand drawn illustrations labels
Karolina Król Studio cutom illustrated shipping box packaging design
Karolina Król Studio sustainable organic haircare brand identity design
 Karolina Król Studio minimalist floral pattern tissue paper design
Karolina Król Studio natural haircare minimalist packaging design
Karolina Król Studio branding packaging designer haircare skincare products
Karolina Król Studio vegan natural haircare branding packaging
Karolina Król Studio elegant hair care band identity design
Karolina Król Studio vegan haircare simple illustrated label design
Karolina Król Studio delicate branding packaging design hair shampoo conditioner