About the Packaging Design Set for 3 products

My custom-illustrated packaging designs are a great addition to a brand identity that aims to reflect clean, natural, organic values in a minimalist way. Most of my illustrations are hand-painted and transformed into vectors, ensuring a natural look and feel of the designs. However, if it suits your brand better, I can also work with digital illustrations or photo editing. At the end of the project, you’ll receive custom-illustrated packaging designs for 3 of your new products that will set a clear direction for the next products in your line and will help you reflect your brand’s values and connect with your audience.


Karolina Król Studio While Coffee Nicaragua sustainable modern elegant packaging design

This package can be a good fit for you if:

You’re looking for ways to connect with your audience by adding a personal, bespoke element to your packaging that will help you reflect your brand’s values.

You want to provide a wonderful product experience to delight your customers and help your brand be remembered well.

You’d like your brand and products to reflect the clean, natural, organic character of your products in a subtle, minimalist way.

Packaging Design Set for 3 products

Here’s what’s included:

Brand and packaging questionnaire

After our preliminary consultation, you will fill out a brand and packaging questionnaire with questions about your business, your brand, your values and more that will form a base for building a strong, cohesive visual style for your packaging. I will also ask you to provide the text copy that should be used, as well as any regulatory guidelines that should be considered. If, at this stage, you have the die-cut templates from your packaging manufacturer, I will ask you to provide them as well.

1:1 discovery call

In a preliminary Zoom call, we'll discuss your ideas, as well as your brand’s vision, values, audience, and inspirations. We’ll talk about the specific form of packaging that you envisioned and the ways that custom illustrations can help your brand reflect its values and connect with your target audience to ensure that we’re on the same page before we get started.

2 packaging design concepts

WEEK 1-2
After our discussion, I will create 2 creative concepts for your custom-illustrated packaging designs for 3 products from your line. Depending on the style that we agree on during our preliminary call, I will either hand-paint your illustration and transform it into vectors, or create it digitally and then use it together with your text copy and branding to create the packaging layout. You will then receive a visualisation of what your packaging will look like in real life when it’s transformed into its final forms, such as a box, a bottle, a pouch, or any other form that you envisioned, so that you can start seeing the idea coming to life.

2 rounds of refinements

WEEK 3 & 4
Once you’ve reviewed the design concepts and chosen the one we'll develop further, you’ll have a chance to share your feedback. We’ll discuss the best ways that you can use your packaging to connect with your audience, and then, over 2 rounds of refinements, I’ll implement any modifications that you might require.

Print-ready files for 3 products

Once we've finalised the refinements, you will receive the print-ready files of your 3 packaging designs with full copyright ownership. Then you can send your files to print and start sharing your brand’s personality with your audience.

What my clients think about working with me

"Working with Karolina made all the difference"

"Karolina is the most outstanding designer! Before I began working with Karolina I felt somewhat overwhelmed and lost in my branding ideas and visions. I couldn't think of a way to put everything together, but working with Karolina made all the difference. She is truly an artist, yet still a graphic designer and highly skilled in the merging of these. If you choose to work with Karolina you will not be disappointed. I am so glad that I found Karolina, without her my brand would not be what it is now!"



Reflect your values through packaging

Ensure a professional, clean and minimalist visual direction for your products. Connect with your customers and reflect your brand's vision through packaging.